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   target=情感挽回文案 情感挽回技巧,专家支招,运用4种聊天技巧马上打动男人,让他回心转意,越来越离不开你,你也可以试试。适合23-48岁挽回感情”_blank”>”The old lady Xiao stood up suddenly and sternly shouted: “Ye Chen, I knelt down and apologized, and then let the villa out, I will forgive you this time! Otherwise I will let Churan divorce you now , Drove you out of the Xiao family, let you live on the streets, you can’t survive and die!”


    Xiao Churan, who kept his head down, suddenly raised his head, stood in front of Ye Chen, and said, “I don’t agree! Are you my grandmother? Or are you the Patriarch of the Xiao family?! You bullied my dad and Ye Chen in this way, and did you treat my family as your own family!”

    “I will never divorce Ye Chen!”

    “You…” The old lady Xiao almost turned her back in anger, pointed her finger at Xiao Churan’s nose, and shouted at Xiao Changkun sharply: “Look at your good daughter, who turned her elbow out! Let her Kneel down together!”

    Xiao Changkun slowly raised his head, staring directly at the old lady Xiao.

    After changing his previous cringe, Xiao Changkun’s expression turned out to be very dissatisfied.